Thursday April 24th 2014


Since 1989, Bass Odyssey Sound System has captivated fans around the globe with its unique capability of clashing and juggling the best of Dancehall and Reggae music. One of the most popular sounds to emerge from Jamaica, Bass Odyssey has graced the Jamaican music platform with arguably the most talented selectors in the industry.

CEO Keith Walford, along with a formidable team comprising of the most talented in the sound system arena continue to take Bass Odyssey to ‘higher heights’. “SOLID AS A ROCK” Squingy, (1972-2009) the Legend and “Father of Sound Clash”, is one the sound’s foundation selectors who has a colourful career spanning over 20 years in the business. He along with DJ Mark, the brains and production behind the sound’s infamous dub plates and playing style, are the mentors for a talented young team set to preserve the legacy of Bass Odyssey for decades to come. Dj Mark, Dj Dameion Delingy, Worm, Dj Dwayne, Charly Blacks, Lexxi Lex, Speng, Dj Keithy, Shane, Harry D, Bishon, Villy & Rat; comprise an elite list of the sound’s “SWAT TEAM” who, night after night, dance after dance, fulfil the party appetite of fans around the globe. Former selectors include Lenny, Glamma G, Tinna One, and Skinny. RIP Kevin Squingy Bennett… The Micheal Jordan of Sound Clash.

“BIGGER, BETTER and BADDA” Evolution is survival. Bass Odyssey has built its brand notoriously off ‘killing sounds’ and has earned the reputation as the ‘baddest clash sound bout yah’. Over the years Bass Odyssey has also dominated the juggling arena with the decline of the hardcore clashing industry. Bass Odyssey believes in versatility and creativity. The fundamental aim is to take Jamaican music and culture to the world, blessing up events with a truly natural vibration. Bass Odyssey supports young talent and will do everything within our efforts to preserve the number one seller from the beautiful island of jamaica, our music.

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